Thursday, February 23, 2012

she's alive!

Lol!  I have chicken reincarnation!  So yesterday morning, Laverne and Shirley come strolling out of the woods!  Seems Laverne just went on a jaunt through the forest and never really did get eaten by the dog!  So the five musketeers are together again!

Bought my Anna apple tree yesterday..will be digging the hole to put that in today.  I also dug out about 6 more feet of garden space.  I am using the pulled up sod to cover some concrete we have in our back yard that I am SO NOT digging up.  Hoping to just re-seed right over the top!  I may need to dig up one more garden bed, or just elongate the main bed.  I think {ummm} I can fit all I want to plant.  I also put a small wire fene around what will be the herb garden.  About two more weeks and I will be planting my seeds for the summer garden.  This is my first time starting everything from's a labor of love!  Yesterday I uncovered the smaller garden and was happy to see everything I re-seeded from the frost kill is starting to sprout!  Hooray!

I never did get my table painted yesterday and today has brought the stomach bug to my house {via Emma} so I don't know how much I will get done....



Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We lost another chicken yesterday...Laverne I believe, met her demise due to a neighborhood dog.  My husband saw the dog chasing the ladies and Laverne never made it back from the woods.  The rest of the ladies will be staying indoors (in the coop, not my indoors) today as I just spotted the culprit in the yard again this morning. 

On a postive note, Shirley has begun laying eggs!  They are very small, but an egg nonetheless! 

A few things to do today...paint the thrift store coffee table I found a few months ago.  And I've been scouring the internet for cottage inspired living rooms...or maybe farmhouse rustic...there's just something lacking in my decor :)  I found these two fabrics that I think would make nice curtains.  A little bold and graphic, but I like the colors and print...

I think I like the second one best...I will also be couch shopping in the next week or so.  And recliner shopping for the husband.  Ugh, I hate a recliner.  I don't know why, but I think they are just ugly. 

...and then there's that garden bed out there that needs to be dug up.  It's halfway done, but I have to pull the sod up and re-gas up the mower to pull the weed cart.  Busy, busy, busy. 

here's wishing you a happy day where all your tasks get completed!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

St Patrick's Day

Valentine's Day has come and gone so last night the kids and I decorated our mantle and put up our green decorations!  The heralding of St. Patty's Day always makes me feel so "springy", the crisp green colors giving hints of what will come outside our doors soon...

Jacob and I glittered up this home made banner for the fireplace.  It readys "lucky".  Glitter and a 7 year old, oh Lord.

I didn't know what to do with the branches, but i still like them, so we added some glittery ribbon and made a few green ornaments.  I taught the kids how to make curlie q's out of pipe cleaners, too!

Leprechauns and shamrocks decorate the back door..

How are you decorating for St. Patty's Day?


Valentine's Day


We had a quiet little Valentine's Day.  Little boxes of chocolate for the kids {and the girls got new socks...see below}.  Everyone got a card from Grammy and are already begging to go to the store to spend it!
We did, yesterday, and everyone picked out a new toy. 

happy valentine's day!


Monday, February 13, 2012

How my husband almost let me die of vertigo.

I've been battling some sinus issues for about, oh I don't know, two weeks or so. If anyone had told me about the gnats and the overwhelming amount of pollen in Georgia, I probably would not have moved here. So forward to Saturday, late morning. I've just worked night shift and am trying to sleep but I'm worried. Worried because my husband has to take four children with him to pick up 5 cases of Girl Scout Cookies. I hear him yelling at the kids and I peek from under the covers. It's 10:45 am. I think, ok, I'll get up and he can run quick, then he doesn't have to take them all with him. {Despite the fact that I always have to take them all with me}. So I get up and tell him to at least leave the baby. He says no, so I figure, to hell with you...and I go back to bed. Fast forward about 30 minutes later {now mind you, I have to work another 12 hour shift tonight} the door bell is ringing. Thinking it's him, forgetting something, I answer it. Not husband, Fedex guy. Sign the electronic box, throw package on the table and head back to bedroom.
Oh wait, what the hell?? What the hell??? The room is beginning to spin and spin and spin. By the time I get onto the bed, I've been somehow transported to the playground and someone has placed me on that big metal spinning ride. I get my head on the pillow and when I open my eyes, my curtains are circling in front of me, spinning. OMG I am going to throw up. OMG. Slowly, slowly, the spinning stops. So I lay there. I can't move my head above the plane its in. No one is home. I know if I move again, I am sure to vomit on myself. So I lay there.
About 20 minutes later I hear his car pull up, I hear the kids bounding into the house. Thank God. So I try to turn over but this ilicits another wave of nausea and horrendous spinning. I grasp the edge of my mattress and consider putting my leg down onto the floor to try and stop it. (honestly, do you remember someone telling you that when you were really drunk after a night a the bar and the bed was spinning to put your foot down on the floor and it would stop Then I begin to yell.

Me: Frazier! Frazzzzziiiiieeer!
No answer. I hear the tv...loud.
Me: Frazier!!!! Frazier!!!!
Still no answer. Are you kidding me?
Me: Jacob! Jacob!!!
Nope, no answer either. I could have been dying here and no one hears me.
Me: Madison??? Madi!!!
Like she's gonna answer. She's 2.

Me: Frrraaaaazzzzziiiiieeer!

Finally, as I am on the brink of death, he comes in.
Him: What honey?
I grab his hand in a death grip.

Me: WTF? Do you not hear me yelling??

Him: The tv was loud. What's wrong?

Me:  Great.  I could be dead in here and no one would know,

Him:  Yeh, I wouldn't have found you until I checked why you weren't up for work.
Me: I have goddamned vertigo and I'm going to throw up all over myself. I have to blow my nose. Go get me some crackers and something to puke in.
Him: Ok, can I have my hand back?
Me: Yes, and hurry up.
He returns with some small ass plastic container.

Me: What the hell is that gonna do? Get me the garbage can.
So, doofus take the bag out of the garbage can in the bathroom and just leaves it on the floor. (where I retrieve it like 5 hours later)
Me: You have to get go me some medicine for motion sickness. Get some Dramamine.
Him: Ok, I'll put Madi to bed. Should I take Sam?
Me: No, he'll be fine. Just go.
{{bad idea}}

Fast forward about 15 minutes. I'm on my bed unable to move my head.
Sam (4 year old): I pooped in my pants.
Me: Really? Why'd you shit in your pants again?
Then I realize he's naked even though I don't have my glasses on and can't see 2 inches in front of me.
Me: Do you have poop on you?
Sam: Yep.
(insert turn around and shake butt at mom who is lying helpless on bed)
Me: Where's your pants?
Sam: In the bedwoom. (spoken in true Samenese language)
In comes Emma.

Me: Emma, where did Sam poop?

Emma: In his bedroom.

Jesus Christ. Thankfully, before he left I told my husband to put my phone next to my bed in case I really did die, I could call for help.
I text him>
Me: Sam shit in his pants again.
Him: Wonderful, I'm on my way home.

Me: Emma says it's on the bedroom floor and I can't move my head.
Him: I'm here.
Thankfully I hear the car pulling up.

Conversation overheard in the dining room:
Husband: Why'd you poop in your pants?
Sam: I have to.

In comes my husband with my medicine. Thank God. Only it's not Dramamine. It's some other pills and wrist bands. Wrist bands? Am I going jogging? WTF? I look at him.

e: You just want me to wear these so I look stupid.

Him: I was going to get you a headband too, so you could ride your bike with it all on.
Me: Shutup or I'll vomit on you.
Him: Hahahahahah.
I don't care. I put on the wristbands and surprisingly, they work. Getting the pills in was a chore, but I managed. About three hours later, most of the vertigo was gone.

Thank God my husband was there for me.
After 10 minutes of screaming his damn name.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I was inside reading a blog {imagine that} and I heard Sam screaming on the deck.  I thought he was yelling at his sister who had just lobbed his DS at his head, so I grabbed my camera to take his picture.
You see, Sam's really funny when he gets mad.  His face turns all red and he points at you and yells.  Really loud

Then I realized he wasn't yelling at his sister.

He was screaming at Lulu...... who was pecking his toes.

Oops.  Sorry Sam. 



Monday, February 6, 2012


This is Emma.  I just picked her up from school because she had a bellyache.  The nurse said she looked "sick" and didn't want to eat her lunch.  Her good friend ALSO had a bellyache.  Once she got home her bellyache was miraculously better.  Now she's spending the rest of the day in her bedroom "resting" so her bellyache doesn't come back.  TV and candy aren't good for bellyaches.


p.s.  u can't fool me.  faker. and white's

As I said we went to Tybee on Sunday...lovely eighty degree weather and today, {can you believe it?}, it's raining and like 50 degrees!

Wanted to share some pics of the kiddo's I took in b/w.  Beautiful place and (despite Sam who was scared the water was gonna get him) everyone had a great time.  Emma picked up tons of seashells that she took to school today for sharing...

no shirts and skins here! 
they just enjoyed playing in the water.. of the few times he was smiling...

ms. madi

My favorite pic...

all lined up by age and size...probably will get this one on it!

don't you want to just pinch him? 

they found a watering hole by the rocks...water was COLD!

Patterns in the sand...

As soon as we got there to our horror,  Sam for some reason stripped down completely naked and went running towards the water.  We had to fetch him and put his clothes back on noting to him that this was not the "nude beach". 

After a few minutes he decided he wanted to go "home" and kept running back toward the pier. 
It took several running trips over to retrieve him.  He's such a brat sometimes:)

Madi wasn't particularly fond of the cold water. 
{note face above}

this pic pretty much sums of jacob's thoughts on the day :)



River Street

On Sunday, we took a trip to Tybee Island with the's was 79 degrees!!  On the way home, we decided to drive thru Savannah and drive down River Street.  After a year of living here, I STILL haven't found the time to go down and walk it, but's it's coming soon~!

I just love Savannah, it's so beautiful!

Horse and carriage...

Getting onto River Street....

The Georgia kids would LOVE to go on a boat like this.
emmy says it looks like the Princess and the Frog boat!

Monica's favorite place!

I want big old shutters like this on my house!

The waving girl....



Thursday, February 2, 2012

planting in january?

It will take me a while to get used to this.  I'm from the Northeast.
There's snow on the ground in January. 
The ground is frozen.
You can't grow anything.

But here, well here in Georgia, it's different.
Lowe's is carrying flowers.
Lots of them.
So I'm planting flowers in January.

These are my knockout roses.
Gosh I hope they do well.
I'm babying them. :)

I bought another Golden Raintree.
I'ts on the opposite end of the deck

Things got moved into the beds. 
I can't wait to see it all filled in.

Everything seems to be doing well
The chickens are loving taking dirt baths in the beds though
I also just threw some wildflowers seeds in, just to see if they

And I also planted my first raised garden bed this week...
beets, carrots, radishes, peas and onions.
I'll photo that in about two weeks, when hopefully we will have some seedlings


(wanna be gardener)

More 101 uses for leftover wood...

I diligently cut the pieces a few days ago with my mitre saw and asked my husband to put it together.  Well, I had to kick him in the pants the other day, because the pile of wood was still laying in the yard (just like the chair railing I painted, procrastinator!).

A few nails and my big old heavy table for the deck was done!  I had to add some aqua paint to the top because it just screamed for something?? 

Do you love the color?  I do!

I topped it off with some viola's, a few candles and some newly planted lettuce and cilantro...

I just adore it.  It's super heavy and just needs a coat of waterseal and it will be ready for the summer!

And since I was painting things and have recently decided that I am going to decorate my house for ME
and not worry about other's...I painted these big old stars on my picnic table. 
Not really sure I like it, but again, it can be repainted.  I think I just do't like the orange seats.  It's more of a washed look.  I think it needs some big old letters stenciled on the seats that say...sit here.  lol!

ah, it's just paint!