Monday, October 28, 2013

Do you have a To Do list?

I know I do!  Some of the items on my list have to be repeated weekly or monthly.  Other's are one time deals.  I am a huge fan of lists because it keeps me on track and gives me a sense of accomplishment when I cross another item off!

My To Do List:  November
trim front trees
trim trees around pond
Remove moulding in master bath
re-tile floor in master bath
repair hole in upstairs wall
replace missing tiles in laundry room
cover lemon and lime trees for winter
dig fencepost holes for garden fence
build 8 4x8 raised beds at garden site
finish pergola
pick up limbs along driveway
trim rosebushes
mulch garden bed
remove pepper plants to compost
rebuild compost bin
clean off deck and seal
build firepit base
firepit façade
clean out tool shed
mulch around fruit trees
clean out chicken pen
Do you have a list?
Have a busy and wonderful day!

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