Thursday, October 24, 2013

welcome home.

I've been a bit of a day dreamer of late.  My mind overflowing with grand schemes of lost goals and endeavors.  Where did I lose my quirkiness?  My artsy-fartsy side?  When did I stop doing what I wanted to do and start worrying about being good enough?  It was of my own unraveling.  I was inspired by everything yet accomplished nothing.  I felt like a failure.  In my quest to keep up with the Jones', I destroyed the very thing I loved the most.  Creating. 

My life of late has been a roadshow of organization and discipline with little room for anything crazy like creativity! Today I hereby declare my freedom from my self induced prison of worry and doubt and feeling, well, just not good enough.  So often we lose such a big part of ourselves in an effort to fit in.  Adult peer pressure.  Lol.   I remember now why I am ME, it's because I love to create.  I love to create art, paper things, silly kiddy crafts, gardens, sewn things.  I want to tell people that I love chickens and thunderstorms.  I want to laugh as I tell someone I don't know squat about computers and technical things. I want to share my ideas, my dreams, my goals for my life.  I want my children to remember how much fun their mom was.   

So right now, this minute, I will embrace my little creative self and welcome her home. 


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