Thursday, November 14, 2013


Winter has reared it's cold head here in the past few days, dropping our temperatures from the 70-80's down into the 40's in a matter of hours. Late Monday night I was able to soak in a nice hot bath (much awaited for as our bathroom is finally completed!).  The water was warm , the room filled with the scent of lavender....and then it dawned on me.  This would be a perfect time to give Lucas his first real bath.  A soak in the tubby kind of bath.  See, I had only been sponge bathing him as I found I absolutely hated the infant tub I purchased for him.  Plus, he's just so little and it only takes a moment to clean him right up. 

So with Amos Lee wafting through the air via Pandora on my cell phone, a little chubby baby was gingerly handed down into his mother's arms and into the warm inviting water.  He cried at first and I worried the water was still to warm, but I held him and ever gently swayed him in the water, he relaxed completely in my arms.  He floated like that for a while, every so often smiling up at me.  I bathed him off so gently and poured handful of warm water over his little body and hair.  He was so sweet, chubby and warm.  His expression so filled with adoration.  He just melts my heart and all the anxiety of the day just washed away. 


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