Thursday, January 2, 2014


New Years came and went while I was stuck at work. I quick pre countdown call to my hubby, and a Happy New Year wish to each of my kids...then me and some of the other staff met in room 1 and watched that big bright ball drop down in Times Square while we stood knee deep in patients here in our little South Georgia ER.  And so we welcomed in 2014. 

I laid in my soft bed the next morning, drinking a post work beer and thought about the past year and the upcoming year.  Had I met any of my goals?  Yes.  I did. But there is always more to do. more goals to set.  Which leads me to my NY Resolution list.  Do you have one?

take a family trip
find a church
save 10% of our earnings
plant and maintain a vegetable garden
become a better parent
improve my sewing and crochet skills
improve my computer skills

so I sit here tonight, after my first full day in 2014, Willie is crooning away on Pandora drifting me backwards in time and to a gentler place. I so hope my children have good happy memories.  I dare say I wish I had been born in the 50;s when time may have been harder, but they were simpler. I so long for that simple, uncluttered, no gadget, no social media place. A place where I didn't know what anyone was doing unless I called them and they told me.  I almost wish to be invisible.  I suppose I could if I just left Facebook.  lol. 

we are getting a bunny. Rmma has already named him/her Sugarbear.  I'm going with Snickers. I swore he would be outside, but I'm thinking I will get an inside pen. he's a pet right? 

I painted the upstairs this week.  I have more work to do. i'ts overwhelming going thru all the stuff up there.  we had a throw out party tonight.  purging is good for the soul.  I'm so looking forward to getting everything in it's right spot.  I put away the Christmas stuff tonight too. I got it down to 5 boxes ..mainly flat storage boxes.  That's a mighty big deal to me.  My Halloween costumes are still taking up too much space lol.  Oh well, it's a work in progress. 

I welcome 2014.  We had our ups and downs in 2013. Many blessings more than anything else. 
God is good. I hope that 2014 brings mended fences, love, patience, acceptance, and being present in the moment. 


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