Friday, January 3, 2014

rabbits and storage and cold, oh my!

This morning I was greeted by a bright sun streaming through the back windows of the house after two days of bitter cold rain.  .  The cold remains I learned as I went out to feed the chickens this morning and was met with a biting wind as soon as I opened the screen door.  I've grown unaccustomed to the cold being here for the past two years.  It reminds me of home....sigh.  But I do so love the sun.  So the thermostat was turned down and the curtains drawn back to warm up the house naturally. 

The girls (chickens) water bowl was frozen over this morning...had to punch through to refill it.  They crowded around me as I did so, clucking and clattering the whole time.  They are such silly birds.  I know they are mad because they want to be out...but I am tired of cleaning off the deck, lol.  The rest of the herd of cats and kittens were fed in the warmth of the shed.  These cats kills me, they lay on the deck,out in the cold and don't go into the shed to sleep.  Strange.  Rosebud is getting bigger and fluffier.   I wish she were a boy.  She will most definitely have to be spayed, along with the two other females.  11 is enough. 

I'm researching rabbit pens.  Seems the one I bought needs a drop pan and legs that will add another $40 to the bill..but then I can use it indoors or out.  If I go with the smaller one, I fear it won't be enough room for our new pet.  Once it's outside we will have to build some type of top over it to protect it from the elements.  I probably should have just bought a standard hutch and been done with it.  It probably would have been about the same till all is said and done. 

The upstairs is coming along.  I fear I am going to have to repaint the girls side.  I apparently didn't mix the paint well enough and there appears to be several shades of pink rolled onto the wall.  Could I just say I meant for it to be that way??  I have two boxes of trash to come down yet and yesterday was spent hauling storage totes to the girls room closet (their new home).  I did manage to condense a good bit, but the Halloween costumes need to be transferred to a flat storage box.  Those big totes take up so much space!  If the weather stays non rainy, Sunday is cleaning day for the shed, then the other totes will be moved out there.  Oh, how I wish we had a garage!!

Yesterday I re organized my bathroom closet, and my entire kitchen.  I moved all my small appliances to the closet and moved the food storage to a base cabinet.  I think this will work well but I think I still want a big pantry closet in the laundry room for bigger items like paper towels and such.  All in due time.  It's amazing how you can repurpose and change things around and spend zero money to organize, lol.  I's all about using your imagination and thinking outside the box.  I abhor clutter is drives me mad.  I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas for the kids room...for closets and storage for toys.  There's so much out there, but I want to spend zero money so I will have to improvise with what I have.  I have to remind myself that our house isn't going to be on BHG so it doesn't always have to be matchy matchy.  We live here!  I need to stop trying to live up to the expectation that my house will always be spotless.  It won't be.  I have 5 kids that need to be allowed to be messy and play.  Let it go and breathe. 


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