Friday, May 23, 2014


With a little sweet sadness, we said goodbye to Brooklet Elementary School today.  Not that we didn't enjoy our time there, we did.  The kids have wonderful memories of friends and teacghers from the past 3 years.  We are embarking on a new adventure, and I must admit it's a little "scary", but we have been led down this path and we are full of hopeful eagerness. 

I have worries, mostly because traditional public school is ALL I ever knew.  I had fond memories of singing in the musicals, assemblies, metal playground equipment, and the sheer amount of stuff crammed into each classroom.  I worry that my kids will somehow miss out on some grand memory, but I am assured by my homeschooling friends that it is replaced with something better, something real. 

Elementary school in 2014 is much different than the one I attended in the 1980's.  Our reasons for leaving have to do with the standardization, the robotics of education, and the philosophy of No Child Left Behind.  My children were not the victims of bullies, nor do I dislike the school itself.  I am appalled by the last generation that our society put out....the irresponsible, entitled brats who have no idea how to handle defeat.  I saw this behavior in my own children.  Was some of it from me...YES!  Did the learn it at school.....YES!  We made the decision to change ourselves, our outlook, our parenting style and put a stop to the cycle that is turning out these youth. 

We want out children to understand that someone wins and someone loses, and sometimes it's you.  You don't always get a prize.  You are not always super duper special.  You are unique and we love you just the way you are.  We can involve God as much as we want and we believe the government has no business in our children's education. We want our kids to have an innocent childhood, one that doesn't expose them to adult themes until they are adults.  What's the rush to grow up? 

So, yes, I have a bittersweet heart about them not having the old elementary school memories that I recall.  But I ask myself, is that even possible?  The world today is so much different than the one I grew up in. My goal is to give them the best possible gift I can, the gift of family.  The gift of togetherness.  I hope I can meet my goal. 


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