Thursday, October 16, 2014

The big E

My mind has been on Ebola. Ebola, it's not just here in the US, it's here in Georgia...just four hours north of here situated at Emory Hospital.  My head was spinning today with thoughts of just becoming outright doomsday preppers and never leaving our property, to concerns over being in public places.  You just never know.  I work in the ER. It's not so far fetched to think that someone could just walk in and have it.  We have exchange students at the University...and now that the second infected nurse flew on that do you know you aren't meeting up with the person who sat next to her?  It's scary stuff, but then I think about how the people in West Africa have been dealing with it for years.  Dealing with it an not becoming infected themselves.  Today, our work sent out an e mail looking to start and Ebola team..a prep team who would be trained to take care of these patients should they present.  I volunteered.  Not because I want to expose myself, but because this world is a precarious one and the threat is real.  I want to know how to protect myself and my family.  I want to know how to put the gear on correctly.  I want to have at least a fighting chance.  I don't want to be ill prepared when the alleged threat becomes a reality.  Everytime I read the news it becomes more and more clear to me that this world, our world, is on it's last days.  Not to sound morbid, but it is.  I'm sad because my children are small and I want them to have a beautiful life, not one filled with fear and viruses and death.  So I will shield them by educating myself.   I love them all too much to not prepare.

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