Sunday, December 14, 2014

Trinity Baptist Christmas Musical 2014

The kids participated in a Christmas musical, The Best Christmas Present Ever, at church this year.  Emma tried out for a role and got it!
She was Ellie, a makeup artist for a newscaster.  She also had a solo part in a song.  She did an awesome job!

Emma as "Ellie".

Sam stole the show.  They had a rehearsal before the real show and he proclaimed he would not be doing it again.  He did get on stage, but about 1/4 way through the real show (the one where EVERYONE in church was watching) he decided to sit down and take off his sneakers.  He then decided it would be fun to jump back and forth over them.  And lift his shirt over his head....and poke his brother standing behind him.  One of the adults finally moved his shoes behind the stage and then he just sat down.  Lol,  I looked at hubby and said "OMG we have THAT kid!" 
Way to go Sam!

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