Monday, October 5, 2015

Foster mom

I've become a foster mom to the littlest bit of a kitten.  Our cross eyed stray that I absolutely cannot catch had another litter.  I found two of them already dead under the chicken coop and this poor little guy was crawling around in the dirt.  I crawled under and got him out and have tried to reunite him with his mother, but she completely ignores him.  So we have him bundled up in a little blanket bed and have been bottle feeding him.  He is getting lots of love. Hoping he will make it!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Back to School

So, somewhere in the past two weeks I finally came to the realization that my kids needed to go back to school.  I had given homeschooling a full year and guess what...I was sick of it.  They were sick of it.  I missed the whole public school experience.  I missed the bus, unloading bookbags, school parties, pto name it.  I missed it. 

I wish I could be on of those homeschool moms.  I'm too neurotic.  It was overwhelming and I was making myself miserable.  Most of all, I was making my kids miserable.  Sam has wanted to go back for months.  He is thriving his first week back.  Emma voluntarily went outside this week.  She is a different person.  Jacob is still at home.  I am working on trying to get him to go back, but it's so much easier just working with him, so it just may work. 

I don't consider it a failure.  It was a learning process.  I can say I am more attentive to what they are learning in school and am not just a sheep now. I ask questions, I will be involved.  I think it helped expose areas we need to work on, as well as each kids strengths.  Emma has blossomed into a great artist.  Sam is a computer whiz and a smartaleck.  He will be a great speaker/role model.  He is funny and sarcastic.  It's hilarious.  Jacob is so attached to me.  He doesn't want to go back because he misses me.  I may have to give some tough love here. I don't know.  WE will see how it goes. 

I love them all so much.

Dollar Tree pussy

Madison and I went to the Dollar Tree last week.  They have their Halloween decorations out.  She happened upon a black plastic cat, you know the one's...they are made out of like plastic chenille stems intertwined on a plastic backing.....very retro if I do say so myself.  Well, she had one in her hand and asked me if she could get "this pussy?".  She kept on.  "Mama, can I get this pussy?  This black pussy?"  I swear, she said the word pussy like 27 times.  I finally turned to her and whispered..."please stop saying pussy."  Her response...."Why mama, is pussy a bad word? Is black pussy a bad word?"  "Yes Madi.  It's a bad word.  Put the black pussy down." 

Dear God help me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Our first day at Splash this season!



You didn't know I was married to Habib, did you?

Our preschool class!

Eating our supper!

Game time!

Bubble time!

Camels and goats...a story with Ms. Kathy!

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Great Bang Incident

Well, let's just say this is apparently going to be the year of the least according to Madison. 

I woke up this morning and Madison came to me and asked me to put a tie in her hair.  I obliged and she disappeared into the other room.  Shortly after, she ran by me and I caught something out of he corner of my eye.  Hair.  Hair sticking up like an alfalfa sprout  She sprinted up the steps and I yelled after her..."Get down here" to which she replied, "NO!"  I stomped up the steps to find her sittng on her bed, face buried in her hands.  I told her to look up at me.  "No", she replied.  I pushed her hands aside and lifted her chin.  My eyes widened in horror.  OMG....

She's not even ashamed. 
I found the scissors laying on the craft room table, mocking me.  I could hear the saying..."got another one..hahahahaha!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to get dolly ready for a shower...

Here's an instructional video by Madison.  {sorry for the sideways video}


Monday, May 18, 2015

New colors!

I have been wanting to paint my dingy dark green shutters since we bought this house four year ago.  I finally did this weekend and I also gave our old metal railing a boost with some gloss black paint.  I still want to put a proper front porch on this house, but that will come in time!  For now I am happy with my bright door (thanks for the color ideas Benji!) and pretty new shutters!

Added score...I wanted window boxes because the front looked too plain.  I found these at Lowe's for $11.98 each.  I still need two more but they were out.  I planted them with yellow and pink flowers.  My crepe myrtle's get beautiful pink flowers on them so it will be a nice contrast. 

Our front entry is less then ideal.  I plan on getting a new light fixture and maybe a canopy over the door.  I addedsome pots on the steps and the old smoker got filled with garden beans and impatients.  It looks a little lifeless right now but when the plants start to grow it will be a little more lush!
Love my new door color!


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Trinity GA/RA Recognition Ceremony

May , 2015
Trinity Church, Nevils, GA
The kids took part in the annual GA/RA Recognition Ceremony and also sang in the spring musical.

Sam looks like he is ready to sell encyclopedia's door to door.  He wore his tie for the rest of the night.  He said it was "awesome".

The sang songs about God's 10 Commandments.


Sam did some dance moves, but thankfully kept his shoes on this time!
Madison sang with the Cherub choir and recited her Mission Friends pledge.
  She stood next to her bestest friend, Emmy.

We didn't get to stay for the reception because Mr. Grumpy pants was tired of sitting in the stroller and was just not having anymore of it!  We went home and had ice cream instead!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Sam! You are 7!

Happy Birthday buddy!

He chose a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting....I told him we couldn't have chocolate ice cream he went with cookie dough!



Sunday, May 10, 2015


For Mother's Day the girls took me to a tea party! We had to dress fancy!

Lucas tried to horn in on the boys allowed!

Our little table, all pretty!

Ms. Emma

Ms. Madison

Our sweet treats...delicious!

Pinkies up!

What a stinkerfaced princess!

My sweet girls!
Thank you for the tea party!

Saturday, May 2, 2015