Wednesday, February 18, 2015


     We wanted to teach and understand more about Lent this year so I found some ideas on Pinterest (yeh!) and made a little poster to hang in our homeschool room.  I found lots of great ideas for projects to do over the next 40 days.  I will be posting them as we do them over the next few weeks:)

We put flags at the bottom to give us a guide for our everyday routine. 
Confess our sins.
Do good deeds

The kids are excited about the coloring path on the calendar and we started off tonight by making our purple prayer chain.  We challenged the kids to write one name on each strip of purple paper.  It could be a friend, a relative, or someone they didn't even know.  We really hope to encourage the idea of thinking of others before ourselves and also thinking globally, not just in or own home. 

Of course, no one is willing to give up ANYTHING...but it's a work in progress and in the right general direction for us!
What are your plans for the Lent season?

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