Friday, February 27, 2015

Pantry door

I have big plans for my kitchen.  By big I mean lots of paint!  Deep barn red to be exact and it will be on all my cabinets.  I cannot stand my factory grade cabinets and we can't afford new one's so I'm diy-ing it.  I have painted cabinets before in my old house.  It is very time consuming, but it's worth it.  Last night some of the re-do began with another color though....
AQUA GLOW from Valspar
Valspar Antiquing Glaze
I painted my previously white pantry door a turquoise and distressed it. 
Can I tell you how much I {{{{{love}}}}} this color????

I have an old china cabinet that I will be painting this color too!
Happy day to all!

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