Tuesday, March 17, 2015

100th Day of School

When you homeschool, your 100th day of school likely does not match the public school districts 100th day celebration.  This is due to my {ahem} rather flexible schedule.  Kind of like why we are on the 100th day of math and language arts, but only day 65 of science and history!  No worries!

Well Friday WAS our 100th day of doing our Easy Peasy Homeschool so we celebrated with some fun activities, goodies and craft projects.....

Artsy stuff

I downloaded this free printable online to color...

The kids made these funky 100 day hats using 10 strips of paper and bingo markers...10 on each strip to make 100!

Sam looks thrilled!

And there is Madi again, minus her shirt. 
We had this fabulous 100 snack! Twinkies and donuts, YEAH!
Sam is a coloring machine!
Activities galore!
You could build a structure using 100 lego's....

or making 100 dots ......
or make a 100 bead necklace!

The kiddo's  had a great day of fun celebrating and they are now officially
100 Days Smarter!

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