Tuesday, March 10, 2015

St. Patricks Day Fun

We are focusing on St.Patricks Day and those pesky little leprechauns this week!  Yesterday we made these pots of gold to fill with our "good deed" shamrocks....

I found the printable at Scholastic Book Club ...they have tons of activities for each month.  Did I mention I just bought 50 new books from their $1 sale???????!!!!!  I always loved when the kids brought home the Scholastic Book Club papers from school and I was super excited to find I could join as a homeschool family and get the same rates. 
Today we made our Six Wishes Rainbow.   The printable is from here.  Despite my best efforts to encourage thinking about others, the kids put a bunch of toys as their wishes!!  Lol, I try!

I really liked this project.  It gave letter copy practice, cutting and some creative writing with the wishes.  Plus, it was simple to put together and now they are fluttering in the breeze in my kitchen!
If you liked these projects, check out my St. Patrick's Day board on Pinterest!
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