Monday, May 18, 2015

New colors!

I have been wanting to paint my dingy dark green shutters since we bought this house four year ago.  I finally did this weekend and I also gave our old metal railing a boost with some gloss black paint.  I still want to put a proper front porch on this house, but that will come in time!  For now I am happy with my bright door (thanks for the color ideas Benji!) and pretty new shutters!

Added score...I wanted window boxes because the front looked too plain.  I found these at Lowe's for $11.98 each.  I still need two more but they were out.  I planted them with yellow and pink flowers.  My crepe myrtle's get beautiful pink flowers on them so it will be a nice contrast. 

Our front entry is less then ideal.  I plan on getting a new light fixture and maybe a canopy over the door.  I addedsome pots on the steps and the old smoker got filled with garden beans and impatients.  It looks a little lifeless right now but when the plants start to grow it will be a little more lush!
Love my new door color!


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