Saturday, September 26, 2015

Back to School

So, somewhere in the past two weeks I finally came to the realization that my kids needed to go back to school.  I had given homeschooling a full year and guess what...I was sick of it.  They were sick of it.  I missed the whole public school experience.  I missed the bus, unloading bookbags, school parties, pto name it.  I missed it. 

I wish I could be on of those homeschool moms.  I'm too neurotic.  It was overwhelming and I was making myself miserable.  Most of all, I was making my kids miserable.  Sam has wanted to go back for months.  He is thriving his first week back.  Emma voluntarily went outside this week.  She is a different person.  Jacob is still at home.  I am working on trying to get him to go back, but it's so much easier just working with him, so it just may work. 

I don't consider it a failure.  It was a learning process.  I can say I am more attentive to what they are learning in school and am not just a sheep now. I ask questions, I will be involved.  I think it helped expose areas we need to work on, as well as each kids strengths.  Emma has blossomed into a great artist.  Sam is a computer whiz and a smartaleck.  He will be a great speaker/role model.  He is funny and sarcastic.  It's hilarious.  Jacob is so attached to me.  He doesn't want to go back because he misses me.  I may have to give some tough love here. I don't know.  WE will see how it goes. 

I love them all so much.

Dollar Tree pussy

Madison and I went to the Dollar Tree last week.  They have their Halloween decorations out.  She happened upon a black plastic cat, you know the one's...they are made out of like plastic chenille stems intertwined on a plastic backing.....very retro if I do say so myself.  Well, she had one in her hand and asked me if she could get "this pussy?".  She kept on.  "Mama, can I get this pussy?  This black pussy?"  I swear, she said the word pussy like 27 times.  I finally turned to her and whispered..."please stop saying pussy."  Her response...."Why mama, is pussy a bad word? Is black pussy a bad word?"  "Yes Madi.  It's a bad word.  Put the black pussy down." 

Dear God help me.