Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday in the Garden: starting seedlings

I'm a whimsical kind of gardener.  I like to just throw some seeds in the garden and see what grows.  Now sometimes that goes well and I get some sturdy plants, other times nothing grows at all.  I am determined to have a vegetable garden this year and I am also on a budget.  If you are like me, I just won't pay $3-$4 for a seedling in a pot.  I would rather pay $1.50 or so and get a pack of seeds and get a dozen or two plants.  Then there are those "seed starting" kits you can buy that you just end up throwing out anyway...how much do they go for?  I have seed them ranging from $10 up to $30!  Too much for me!

I made a quick trip this morning to my local Dollar Tree and picked up two bags of potting soil (probably not the BEST potting soil, but dirt is dirt lol!), 4 covered cake pans, and 4 sleeves of Dixie cups.  All total $10.

I can fit 24 cups into each tray.  I bought four seed packs at Lowe's the other day for around $6. 

Today I am planting.....

Spacesaver Cucumbers
Summer Squash:  Bush type
Beefsteak Tomatoes
Hybrid Cherry Tomatoes

I poked holes into the bottom of each cup with my handy metal skewer...

....and them scooped some dirt on in!

I put my seeds into a little cup to make picking them up and placing them easier.  The tomato plants were the hardest because those seeds are so darn small!

This is just a little pic of where I keep all my seed packets.  I got it at Goodwill a while back...it is an old file box that was well loved.  I like the color...it's very 70's!

I usually pick up flower seed packs at the Dollar Tree as well.  They have them 4 for $1.  Today I picked up some Cosmo's.  I plan on sprinkling them along my driveway and hope Mother Nature does the rest!

I labeled the lids and added two cups of water to the bottom of the pans and then closed them up. 
It should create a nice little green house for my seedlings to sprout. 

I only had 18 Summer squash seeds so we planted some pumpkin seedlings too!

And here we are on the deck basking in the sunshine!  You can already see the condensation!

Just a side note, I live in Zone 8 so we can pretty much plant all year!  I plan on direct sowing some of these seeds as well, but thought I'd start some seedlings as well in case that whole "direct sowing" thing doesn't pan out!  I'll post pics next Tuesday of our progress!

So all total for 96 seedlings I spent $16.  Not too bad!
I'd love to hear about your frugal garden ideas....:)

What's going on in your garden today? 


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sewing frenzy

Hello!  Yes, I've been gone from blog land but thankfully I have also rediscovered my little creative self!  I used to scrapbook and make home d├ęcor items, and then suddenly I was over it.  Overwhelmed trying to compete with Pinterest, other bloggers and just feeling like I was never good enough.  I'd lost my love of handmade.....but it's back!  I've reopened my Etsy shop, updated my Twitter account and have even considered signing up for a stand at our local Farmer's Market. 

I've readjusted my work schedule to mostly weekends to allow myself to be home during the week for homework help (ugh) and have discovered that I have a good bit of free time now with only two kids at home during the day....which leads to my newest love.....sewing! 

This is my latest...done last night while everyone was at church....

I've also learned the value of interfacing when sewing bags!  I love how crisp they turn out when you use interfacing.  I'm new(er) to sewing but thanks to a great Home Economics class in high school, I can find my way around a machine.  Keep an eye on my Etsy shop for upcoming items!

Happy Day!