Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cutting things in half

I talked to a wonderful woman from Coastal Solar regarding our conversion to solar.  I found out a lot of great information and got a price tag for the system.  $29,000 for the complete install of the maximum allowed system on a residential unit.  That's is a hefty price tag and it would only give us at 49% reduction on our current usage.  Now there are rebates and tax cuts to be had but it's still a big chunk of money!

Since this isn't something I can do right now I decided to see what I could do to cut my bill in half.  Air conditioners are off since they eat up kilowatts.  It's been a bit cooler the past two weeks so it's aer  little easier to do this.  Now during a South Georgia summer?  Probably not so much!   A new exhaust fan is in the upstairs window to pull that hot air through and ceiling fans are running on max!  My kitchen is the hardest part to cool (because of it's location in the house), so I've just added a box fan out there to keep the air moving.  I  have limited mystove usage and am relying on my handy crock pot and the grill to cook, or just eating meals we don't have to cook. 

I've also stopped using my dryer.  Well, not totally, but if I use it at al it's for a quick dry of undergarments lol!  Everything else goes on the washline.  I purchased a retractable one from Lowe's and it spans my entire deck and can be easily put away. 

I've also really paid attention to my lights.  I don't run my outside lights all night.  (we have had a really full moon this week so there is no need!)  All other non essential lighting is limited as well.  I'm looking into using little solar lights in the house as well that I charge during the day and then bring in at night. 

So far this week, I have cut my daily electric usage in half!  My average daily usage last month was 132 Kw....my usage yesterday was 62 Kw!

I know there are some other ways to decrease my consumption.  The back of our house is all windows so I need to do something to deflect that direct sunshine and keep the house cooler.  Air flow throughout is also an issue.  I only wash with cold water for dishes and laundry, and I stopped using my dishwasher.  I don't really mind doing all these things because in the end it's more cash in my pocket to do the things I want to do!


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