Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Moving on....

Hi all!  Well lots has happened since my last post in March!  We have had some major changes around here and it's been leading me to re-evaluate what is most important to me.  The older I become, the more disgruntled I become having to work "outside" the home.  I am a nurse and I make a good living, but there are days it is overwhelming.  You find yourself unappreciated, tired and less compassionate.  I would love to be able to balance my "work life" and "home life" so I can find more joy in both. 

So here is what has been going on:

1.  I am  now among those breed of women you would call "independently separated".  After 12 years of marriage and 5 children, we both decided to go our separate ways.  It is a work in progress and will hopefully be the best thing for both of us. 

2.  My homestead plan is humming along!  I started a small journal with my plans, hopes and dreams to be more self sufficient and it really has helped me to stay on track...and work ahead! 

3.  I have only ONE child at home with me during the day now!  That is HUGE for me since I have not been "childless" for  12 years! 

4.  I can say that I honestly have been living my life for ME, not for someone else or under someone else's expectations.  For, the first time in a long time, I feel like I am getting back to who I really am.  I am really starting to be able to place responsibilities where they should lie, instead of always on my shoulders.  This goes for my kids, my husband, my family and my co-workers. 

5.  I have reconnected with my oldest son.  Big.  That's all I can say here.  :)

6.  I am learning things and exploring ideas that I may not have ever done before.  Also BIG. 

So my hope is to keep up my little blog here and update you on my homestead and whatever else I happen to be doing for the day.  If you follow along, I hope you find something useful along the way. 

Much love


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